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ATI is cognizant of the need to protect the environment and as such is looking forward to partnering with National Forestry Authority (NFA) and the district environment office ensuring that trees and protection of major ecosystems are taken care of.


Whereas the Institute intends to take a step forward to training students in agriculture mechanization, it pursue different mechanisms targeting good agricultural and environment management practices including tree planting alongside the farm land and within linear format.


For construction, the institute has embarked on the use of hydro foam machine for production of blocks and bricks which is seen to be environmentally friendly and lessens the impact of cutting down trees to burn bricks. In addition, the institute looks at training the surrounding community on use of the machine to encourage them to start using hydro foam products instead of destroying environment. This will also in away create market for our hydro foam products as we look forward to making the community aware of great opportunity of using the products like blocks for construction hence reducing pressure on the land while making common bricks. This will help to control environmental degradation and believing that through this initiative, we shall make a good contribution on conserving nature.